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No Matter What
To Blessed To Be Stressed
The Big Lie
In Loving Memory of Josh
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The Addicts Today Blog

No Matter What

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No Matter What
By: April Grisham 

2 years & 9 months ago
I went to get help
They all told me
"You can't do it by yourself"

I was overwhelmed
Wanted to say, "Shove it!"
They told me to calm down
And remember, "Easy does it"

I was told to get a sponsor
And I was like, "Why?"
I thought, "What a joke!"
They said, "Work the Steps or die!"

At first I resisted
All because of fear
I said, "I got this"
They said, "Your best thinking got you here!

To Blessed To Be Stressed

Good evening folks. suffered from some writers block lately lol however I've had some reminders to put me back in check. for whatever reason this song came to mind and as I was watching it, I remembered just a few short years ago this was my life. Some of you might be thinking that that's kinda scary. Some of you might be thinking that that's kind of normal. I think scary part is what I was okay with it... until I wasn't. upon leaving my meeting a few minutes ago, I heard what I needed to as I always do.

The Big Lie

The Big Lie - Addiction and Recovery

The Big Lie

If you suffer from addiction you have lived the Big Lie, the adversary, addiction, whispers to you that everything is going to be all right if you just give in, this time it will be different, but invariably the result is pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization. 

We who have traveled before you understand the lies the adversary spins, regardless of how long we have been in recovery for it is an implacable foe, cunning, baffling, powerful and patient. One of the most persistent lies is that we are alone, that no one understands or cares.

In Loving Memory of Josh

Rest in Peace Josh - Please treat your recovery as a privilege
Josh, he was one of us, afflicted with the disease of addiction. His path on this earth ended on April 30th, 2014, his 1st time injecting heroin. His mother has asked his friends to share this with others whom may be struggling; Josh had shared with his Mom that if this ever happened to him he wanted her to share this with others and to raise awareness. This drug is killing our loved ones. His spirit will always be around us and in our hearts. We are keeping his memory alive and sharing his story with others.

Treatment Centers in California

Accurate Information Is The Difference

It is easy to become distracted by all the conflicting voices, information and down right hype surrounding recovery. How can someone differentiate, separate the wheat from the chaff, when seeking answers for a loved one or for themselves?

Control Issues

Having a psychic change makes you ........Good afternoon friends. I've recently been working with a sponsee on steps 6&7. Last Friday my guy, my sponsor, & myself did an exercise on 6&7, to help determine what our most glaring defect is. 9th months ago I struggled with some pride issues. Recently I've discovered I now have control issues, lol so what does my HP do? Throws some situations at me that I have no control over. I look at these as a reminder. Saturday I'm on the way to pick up my son for the new lego movie.


Everything in the world is perfect at the moment,then why so often did I feel less than.Was it because I felt left out,forgotten, left to fend for my own,maybe.It's something that causes doubt to surface in your mind about who you truly where.It caused denial to be a part of my everyday living, not understanding who I truly was, was painful,it caused emotions to surface and then be tossed to the side,not understanding what they meant.I believe that everyperson we've ever interacted with becomes a special part of our lifes make-up.Not just the interactions that caused joy, but also the ones that caused pain.People places and things that have you questioning everything from your sexuality to your place in this universe,what was my true purpose in life? I just didn't want purpose, I wanted meaningful purpose,and today that's what I give myself. Every experience in my life has meaning for me, I've been so hungry I've eaten out of dumpsters,finding and eaten the unaten side of an apple,just to stop the pain in my belly, do I look back at this with judgement on myself,never,this has given me and filled me with so much power,and compassion for all things.I look at life as a training ground,a mirror of who we our in any individual,on any given day,thats me out there.The conditions,circumstances and events that make up our life,must be explored and shared so other's may take it a little further, in the continuose journey in learning how to live,together.As we continuosly enter into that spiritual devine design, one day at a time.

Brian's Story

Grateful to be alive - Clean and SoberHello my name is Brian and I am a alcoholic / drug addicted. 
I wanted to share my life with others to see that they to can recover just for today. 

God was pushed out when I realized our father was killed in a bad accident. Leaving our mother to raise 3 boys on her own. I was 10 months old when this happened in May 1971 remember MAY because God has a funny way of showing up again in MAY 2010.. So I was around 5-6 going to church and hated everything that it stands for. I was the class clown and getting kicked out of conformation and the church so Piss of GOD.



The first step in the grieving process. I remember when I first said goodbye to mind and mood altering substances. I went through the grieving process. I had to say goodbye to my best friend. My lover. My therapist. My higher power. Because that is in fact what drugs were to me. They obssessed my mind and ruled my life. I heard an interesting comparison to the first step/surrendering last night. Back in the day in battle, you sit down, put ur weapon in front of you, and wave the white flag.

Positive Influence

We help each other stay clean and sober

Carrie Anne ~
Been on the phone for 3hrs talking with a friend whose loved one has battled addiction for 7 years and said loved one in on their second go at rehab. I can not stress enough that if you have someone you love whose addicted luv them by accepting there is a problem then go to support meetings! Learn all you can about the addiction, learn healthy boundaries, and for the addicts sake do NOT clean up their mess! Make them face the consequences of their choices! Addicts will never find recovery if others pay bounced checks, return stolen stuff, and pay court costs!
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