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    At ™, we provide a treatment resource unlike any other. We are recovering addicts, just like you, who walk through the process day by day for ourselves. Through our personal experiences and combined professional training and education, we feel we have a complete view of recovery that heavily contrasts the purely clinical world available today.     
   With this, we are striving to make as many professional agencies, treatment facilities, interventionists, rehab facilities, out patient and live-in facilities available to you as we can. By doing so, we are able to offer the benefits of professional support combined with the personal understanding of our staff and affiliates. 
   We believe this is what makes us capable of providing the most comprehensive help available today. We understand addiction, so let us help in any way that we can.
    Whether you are just gaining information, are ready to take drastic serious steps in taking your life  back, or are trying to help a loved one, please contact us so we may make as much information available to you as possible. 
Our services are completely free to the public, and we place incredible importance on your confidentiality.
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People that genuinely care, can and will make a difference. Fragile families need consultants that can help them through such an important time. Orange County, California
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