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Welcome to The Family Rehab Network
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Treatment Concierge
Please call 1.800.815.6308

Thank you for all your support
Churches and Charities are encouraged to call for information

No one chooses recovery 
Because we were on a huge 
winning streak coming in....

It is hard to focus on recovery
When you are overwhelmed.

The Affordable Care Act can help!

All Inclusive Treatment Centers 
They understand the challenges

Clothing (if needed)
Private Therapy 
Grant Info
Legal (Pro Bono)
Psych Testing 
Doctors Visits
Job Training 
Life Skill Classes 

Expanded Treatment Services 
Can help people focus on their recovery

Don't lose hope. 
There is help out here.

Helping w/ detox & sober living, PHP
& IOP treatment at little too no cost.
Contact us for current information 
Please call 1.800.815.6308 today!
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Treatment, Therapy, Counseling, 12 Step and Non 12 Step programs

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